Pump Repair

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Industrial Pump Repair, Industrial Equipment Repairs–PAMCO is There When You Need Us

As industrial equipment service experts since 1967, PAMCO Machine Works has provided repairs in the Western US for even the toughest of challenges. Located in a modern, well-equipped facility convenient to the Southern California freeway system, Pacific ports, the Mexican border, and all major air, rail and motor freight facilities. PAMCO’s location makes it easy to respond to our customers.

We understand that if your production is down for even just a few hours it can mean thousands of dollars of losses. With PAMCO’s 24-hour response down time is kept to a minimum. 

Whether your machinery and equipment is reviewed at your plant or ours you receive a detailed diagnosis report of our findings and recommendations. AND we invite you to visit our facility at any time during the repair process. Our pump repair specialists consider your emergency our emergency: we work tirelessly to get your system up and running.

PAMCO's Focus is on Pump Servicing and Repairs for the Following Industries:

Industrial Pump Repair Services for Many Different Applications

With over 55 years as an industrial pump repair services company PAMCO has serviced pumps used in just about every area. Vertical Turbine Pump Repairs, Wastewater Pump Repairs, Centrifugal Pump Repairs… you name the application–our specialists make sure the equipment is back on-line quickly. Pumps serviced include:

Industrial Pump Motor Repair

PAMCO Services all pump manufacturers. Unlike OEM’s who specialize in pump manufacturing, PAMCO’s focus is on industrial pump repair services. Our pricing and rapid response to your needs can’t be beat. From Allis Chalmers pumps to Worthington pumps, PAMCO’s pump motor repairs run the gamut. We service and support the following manufacturer’s equipment:

PAMCO’s 24 hour-seven day industrial pump and motor repair services are there when you need them. With available turn-key service that includes picking up your pump–or dispatching our specialists to your location–you can count on us getting your equipment back on line and saving you valuable $$$.